Kamis, 18 Juni 2015

Blacklisted, Lotte Shopping Avenue

Another day to having fun! Raiyt naw I’m trying to write a review about one of good restaurant located in Jakarta. At first, me and my boyfie don’t have any plan to eat here (we were just walking around without any destination), but then we are curious enough to have a meal here.

Located at the first floor of Lotte Shopping Avenue, you will see this place as a good place to hang out with your best friends or spend time alone with a cup of coffee. But when I was there, this place is a bit full with people.
While we were here, we tried some good food.

  • BAD (Bacon Absolutely Delicious) Burger (around 75.000 IDR)

Well yeah, this is my first time trying a black burger. This burger contains an Australian beef patty, beef bacon streaks, bacon jam, grilled apple, lettuce, melted cheese and served along with nachos. Honestly, I don’t really think that burger will be match with nachos. But I do adore the taste that comes from the bacon, apple grilled and its sauce. This is a good main meal to have here!

  • Norwegian Salmon (around 98.000 IDR)

Since I have a very good relationship with salmon, I do always adore the taste of this kind of fish no matter what *ehe*. Blacklisted knows well how to present a luxurious salmon with lemon butter sauce, mashed potato and also sautéed vegetables. Trust me, you will love this one.

  •  French Chocolate Marshmallow (around 42.000 IDR)

My favorite!
Actually, I am craving for some sweet stuff that time. When I read there is a French Chocolate served with Marshmallow Brulee, right that time I believe this menu was belong to me *lebay*. Honestly, this drink will taste too sweet for you who doesn’t like sweetness that much, but not for me. It tastes very delicious when you let the marshmallow melted inside your tongue with the chocolate <3

Actually, they also have manual brewed coffee here, from Aeropress until Cold Drip. But I have no time to taste them all. Perhaps next time, I will come here again and having a day with their coffee with myself only. Since I stayed at Jakarta, I have to make sure that I can face the traffic and the route to this place that’s a bit confusing. Well, I think I need a kind of personal car which has a small size but excellence performance, is it? And somehow, the car that comes into my mind is Toyota Agya.

Cool, isn't it?
Besides, this car has a big space for luggage and also a pretty exterior design, match with my character who loves to be stylist everytime *HA!*

For sure, I have to set the time!
(price here exclude 5% Service Tax and 10% PB1)

Lotte Shopping Avenue,
1st floor Unit 9
South Jakarta